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Welcome to Pawsitively Clean


Your Mobile Dog Groomer

Save Time, Mess & Stress!

We bring high-quality, professional dog washing services right to your doorstep. It’s simple. We roll up to your driveway in our clean, climate controlled mobile salon and take care of your pups like they were our own!


No, we don’t “hydrobathe” your pet with dirty re-circulated water like most mobile washers; we use heated fresh water from start to finish for a Pawsitively Clean doggie. You will get the reliability of a salon, without the hassle for you or stress for your pet. When you trust their grooming to us, we treat them like our own family. We’re pawsitive you’ll love our services and the specialized care and attention we provide for your pet!

Lab with rain boots and umbrella
Golden retriever, shaking water off
Paw shake with human
We Specialize in Dog Washing
We Specialize in Dog Washing

We specialize in wash ONLY. That’s right, No Haircuts.

Rather, we focus our attention solely on hygiene and health, using only the highest quality, all-natural products based on your pet’s coat and needs. Every wash service includes a brush out (before and after bath); a heated, fresh water bath (from start to finish) with appropriate shampoo for the pet’s needs; re-moisturizing conditioner; moisturizing facial scrub (tear-free); complete blow dry (no cage drying!); nails clipped or filed; eye and ear cleaning; paw pads trimmed (if needed); sanitary trim (if needed); bandana and cologne; and a doggy treat!

We truly believe that a clean dog is a happy, healthy dog!

Dogs on a regular maintenance schedule of 2, 4, 6, or 8 weeks.

Why Regular Grooming?

Our dogs are more than just pets. They’re family! We all want what’s best for the family we love, and grooming your dog is a great way to show your love. Remember that grooming is not just about your pet looking good – it’s essential for many reasons:  (1) helps to control shedding; (2) avoids medical problems relating to the coat and skin; (3) proper animal socialization (4) dental health; and (5) overall wellbeing – pets feel better when they are groomed. Keep your pet in top condition by tending to its needs regularly. Avoid matted hair that is difficult to untangle, nails that are too long and curled and other issues by paying attention to your pet each day. If you don’t have time to groom your pet yourself, schedule an appointment with us at Pawsitively Clean, where we have the knowledge and experience to take care of your beloved pet. Taking a little time for your animal regularly will pay off in loving rewards reaped upon you by your pet.

Why Mobile Dog Wash?
  • Convenient service at your doorstep.
  • Your pet will not come in contact with other pets.
  • Your pet will always be seen by the same groomer.
  • Your pet will not be uncomfortable waiting to be groomed, which means less stress for your pet.
  • No time spent in a cage at the salon.
  • We use all natural products.
  • No travel time to and from groomer.
  • No wait time.